Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Yell

50,000 Fall fans can't be wrong. Apparently.

Actually, make that 49,999 Fall fans. The Yell's Idle Hans isn't a fan, he actually thinks he is Mark E Smith reincarnated. There are four problems with this. The most obvious of these is that Mark E Smith isn't actually dead yet. The second is that, when Smith did allow a girl into the band, he usually picked one that could sing, as opposed to the tuneless whine emitted by Yell keyboardist Rachel Langley. Third, he didn't feel the need to change his name to something as clueless and contrived as 'Idle Hans'. Fourthly and most glaringly, the Fall have always been more about the triumph of substance over style.

Yes, The Yell look good. Yes, they throw all of the right poses, dress nicely and even occasionally hurl themselves into the audience. But they forgot to write any songs along the way. Yawn.


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