Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Back when the 1990s were known as The Yummy Fur, Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos and Paul Thompson were both at one time members of the band. Getting left behind by your contemporaries is becoming something of a habit. When this gig was announced back in August, it was as a joint headline tour with CSS. Since then, Lovefoxxx and co have surged ahead on the back of two hit singles, whilst the 1990s are once again treading water.

It's not hard to see why, either. This is very much like a pub gig. Jackie McKeown shares jokes with the audience, points out people in the crowd to his bandmates and spends an age tuning up between each song. But like the pub band, every song sounds a bit the same, nothing particularly stands out (not even current single 'You're Supposed To Be My Friend') and it is all very ordinary. The college students around me bounce along happily, but as one of them said afterwards, "They were average and average isn't good enough"


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