Friday, October 20, 2006


You can tell how old these guys are from the name. If you remember Thundercats, you are probably the same age as they are.

Pigeonholing this band is different. Although they specialise in the sort of cheerful pop tunes beloved of indie losers such as The Kooks, there is a real edge and energy to everything that they do. New single 'Out of the Question' [the set closer tonight] bounces with the sort of aggression you would find in a badly behaved mosh pit, whilst 'Song E' strips down to a plaintive cry of "I'm so lonely now" backed by the sort of one note chiming guitar that charecterised The Cure in their prime. Throw in the energetic and engaging frontman James New - thinner than Bobby Gillespie, dance moves copyright M. Stipe - and you definitely have a band to watch for the future.

Disappointing lack of bandages, though.


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