Friday, September 08, 2006


Placebo are a bit like the mole that lives in your garden. The more you try and crush him, the more he comes back at you, digging holes and reminding you he is there. It is therefore unsurprising to find them as the penultimate act on the main stage, still churning out approximately the same sound in 2006 as they did when they released 'Placebo' in 1996.

But whilst a decade of live experience can leave you equipped to handle a lot of things, a catastrophic amp failure is too much and the band leave the stage after only 10 minutes. This leaves entertainment in the hands of the audience themselves and a number of well-endowed young ladies are happy to oblige. Goth Girl, meanwhile, heads for the toilets.

Once the problem is resolved, the band return to play a truncated set which still manages to cram in favourites such as 'Nancy Boy' and the excellent recent single 'Infra-red', as if to prove that blowing up your kit is one surefire way to leave the audience wanting more.


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