Thursday, September 07, 2006


One of the features of this year's festival is the number of bands who seem to think that singing is an optional extra, that you don't need to have your mouth anywhere near the microphone (eg the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) or articulate the lyrics in any meaningful way (stand up, Giant Drag). Metric's Emily Haines takes both of those to a whole new level by doing them with her back to the audience. For most of the set.

This is a shame, because these are four very angry Canadians, like they have finally gotten sick of being mistaken for their bigger and wealthier southern neighbours and have decided to take it out on the whole world. Anyone who has heard 'Monster Hospital' (cleverly tossed off as the penultimate song here) should know that that is Metric chilling out. Anyone hoping for a chilled out start to their Sunday got a very rude surprise here.


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