Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Giant Drag

It's hard to know what to make of Giant Drag, the Californian duo of singer/guitarist Annie Hardy and drummer/keyboard player Micah Calabrese. Hardy has an enviable reputation as a songwriter and raconteur, but the simple fact is that she sings like she has a bucket full of marbles in her mouth. This means that, although everyone can hear her claim that Chris Isaack took her virginity, no-one can understand what the songs are about. Which is a shame, because it means that great songs like 'You F*ck Like My Dad' and 'Kevin Is Gay' are lost on most of the audience.

In fact, the real star of the show is Calabrese. The description 'drummer/keyboard player' above is entirely correct, as he somehow manages to do both at one time, without, it seems missing a beat. An awesome performance of dexterity and virtuosity which has probably never been matched at Reading.


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