Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Primal Scream

The great thing about Primal Scream is that you never know which version of the band you are going to get. Will they show up at all? Will they walk off after 20 minutes? Will Bobby Gillespie offer to fight the entire audience - again? Or will they refuse to stop playing?

In fact, tonight we get the Pop Primals. They open with 'Moving On Up' and follow that with new single 'Dolls'. There are a few tracks from the new album, including the insanely silly 'Suicide Sally and Johnny Guitar'. The sad thing, though, is that it is TOO pop, too bland and uninsipiring. I had time to work out that most of the songs have about 8 lines of lyric, whilst 'Shoot Speed Kill Light' contains only those four words. Even though they went for broke with a closing sequence of 'Kowalski', 'Swastika Eyes', 'Country Girl' and 'Rocks', for a headline set it was all curiously entertaining but uninspiring. The sound of a great band growing old, perhaps?


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