Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Subways

The past few months have been difficult for The Subways, as Billy Lunn's throat condition caused the cancellation of several UK shows and threatened the future of the band. Live, it is easy to see how this happened. Not only does Lunn senior approach every song with the same larynx shredding roar beloved of the heaviest of metal bands, but his only vocal help comes from fiancee Charlotte, a woman so squeaky it is only a matter of time before a dog mistakes her for a chew toy.

Two months on the road in the US have taught Lunn every rock trick in the book, from prowling the security barrier to climbing the lighting rig to shamelessly sucking up to the audience with lines like "We wanted to call this song 'Reading Festival' but instead we've called it 'California'". The fact is, though, that in this kind of setting most of the old songs fail to carry enough weight and venom to move the crowd at all, whilst the new numbers are no improvement on the well known ones. In fact, only the closing 'Rock & Roll Queen' saves the set from falling flatter than Brendan Urie did 90 minutes earlier.


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