Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kaiser Chiefs

When it comes to shameless showmanship, it is hard to beat the Kaiser Chiefs. They enter, centre stage, down a staircase built into the drum and keyboard riser. This is painted brilliant white, like something from a 1970s variety show. A giant, illuminated 'KC' hangs above their heads. But then, having set the scene, what do they go and do? THEY GO AND PLAY THE SAME DAMN SHOW THEY ALWAYS DO!

That's right, there is no intrinsic difference between this show and any other Kaiser Chiefs show you may have seen, be it in a small hall in Leeds, on the television, or at any of the myriad of other festivals they have played. They open, as they always do, with 'Na Na Na Na Na'. Ricky Wilson runs back and forth across the set, Simon Rix bounces around somewhere to his left, there's some banter with Nick Hodgson, Peanut stands immobile behind his keyboards and Whitey looks as p*ssed off as he always does. In short, just what everyone expected. Yes, there are some new songs (and 'Everything Is Average Nowadays', 'Highroyds' and 'Heat Dies Down' are among the best things they have ever done) and yes it is fantastic fun, but by the time the extended workout of 'Oh My God' fades away and the band wander back up their staircase, you are left wondering if, well, they couldn't have made something more of this.


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