Wednesday, August 30, 2006


For some reason, the whole concept of someone like Peaches playing such a rock orientated festival as Reading just seams wrong. Until, that is, you realise that she is more likely than any hair metal act to shock the unwary. Carried on stage by two members of her androgynous backing band, she immediately begins yelling "If I'm wrong, impeach my bush" and if that isn't enough to make any parents lead their offspring rapidly from the NME tent then the moment she rips off her silver top and hot pants to reveal a purple bikini underneath they start dragging junior for the exit. Which is a shame. Where else will they hear stuff like 'Shake Yer Dix' or 'Boys Wanna Be Her', let alone see a 7 foot penis being inflated on stage?

By the half hour point, the purple bikini has been ripped away to reveal an even tinier black one underneath and Peaches is rolling across the heads of the audience singing 'You Love It' before a thunderous 'F*ck The Pain Away' closes the show as the (by now predominantly 16+) crowd bay for more.


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