Thursday, September 07, 2006

Goldie Lookin' Chain

After the unmitigated sh*tstorm that was Hope of the States, the festival gets exactly what it needs - eight Welshmen in day-glo security vests bouncing around the stage like a bunch of toddlers on tartrazine. First up is 'Half Man, Half Machine', followed by 'Charm School' and it is like the whole tent has been shaken awake and placed into a giant - if somewhat obscene - kids garden party, with too many E numbers and extra bouncy castles. What's more, GLC themselves are clearly having a whale of a time. They give us all of the favourites and if a few kids go away singing "J-Lo means sh*t to me/P Diddy means sh*t to me/Jah Rule means sh*t to me/F*ck you, Alesha Keys" then the world is indeed a better place today


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