Monday, October 16, 2006

The Maccabees and The Dykeenies

I've got no option but to review these two together, for the simple reason that I still cannot really distinguish one from another. The Dykeenies are a Scottish five piece who play songs vaguely reminiscent of early Killers material. Oh, and they have a very sweaty bass player. The Maccabbees aren't Scottish and have a very ginger drummer, but they are also a five piece and there's a very familiar edge to their music, too.

The simple fact is that however good songs like 'New Ideas' and 'Precious Time' are, the two bands are so interchangable that it doesn't matter who plays what. Even NME got them confused this week.

In fact, the only real difference was that the Dykeenies attracted a crowd surfer and the Maccabees didn't. I'm still not sure if this proves anything at all.


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