Friday, September 08, 2006

Maximo Park

(Ok, so I can't do the umlaut in their name. Shoot me)

Every festival has to end somewhere. This one ends with strobe lights, cannons firing glittery paper and five Geordies playing their hearts out. Those who doubted that Maximo Park (there goes the umlaut again) could carry off a headline spot somewhere like Reading are proved wrong over and over again. Kicking off with "Signal and Sign" and ending with the brilliant 'Apply Some Pressure", the pace never lets up, even during new songs like 'In a Fortnight' (the chorus to which is, bizarrely, 'Five times five equals twenty-five).

A year or more on the road has turned Maximo into a taut live act and if, in the meantime, Lukas Wooler's crown as 'maddest keyboard player in the world' has been stolen, flung around and jumped on by the Automatic's Alex Pennie, it makes no difference, this is still a performance to remember.


Blogger superpat said...

Heh - I never even realised you could have an umlaut on an 'i'. Just go to their Wikipedia entry and cut/paste to get the umlaut - like this: Maxïmo Park :-)

6:07 am  

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