Monday, October 16, 2006

The Fratellis

I'm struggling to think of anything new to write here. What can you say about three hairy Scottish guys who, at 10pm on a Sunday, have fifteen hundred people bouncing along to a rocked up cover of Goldfrapp's electro-camp classic 'Ooh La La'?

Closing the London leg of NME's Rock and Roll Riot tour, the Fratellis proved that they were the only band on the bill capable of living up to the tour's optimistic title. Following the sh*tfest of the Horrors and the slightly anodyne flavour to the rest of the bill, the audience were in need of something special to redeem the evening and this time they were not to be disappointed. Starting with 'Creepin Up the Backstairs', we are treated to a rollocking run through of their 'Costello Music' album. That so much of it is singalong friendly is a big advantage, of course and before anyone knows it we are into the closing numbers of 'Henrietta' and 'Chelsea Dagger' and, after a brief pause, the aforementioned Goldfrapp encore.


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