Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Sounds

The Sounds come from Sweden. They have a song called 'Living in America', which is all about how they don't live in America. This is really all you need to know, because the level of wit and intelligence doesn't get any higher than that. In fact, The Sounds are one of the most inept live acts ever.

This was the sort of audience which cheers roadies whenever they set foot on the stage, yet The Sounds barely raised a pulse. In fact, the strongest reaction they provoked was a cry of "Get off".

It is impossible to describe their music, because most of the time they sound like five people playing five different songs simulaneously. Singer Maja Ivarsson struts around the stage pretending she is Debbie Harry, but barely manages to be as authentic as Debbie Currie. At one point she resorts to grabbing her crotch in an effort to extract a response from the crowd. I miss most of this as I've been stunned by the sight of gloriously talent-free guitarist Felix Rodriguez playing something that isn't a barre chord. Meanwhile, Jesper Anderberg is using not one but two keyboards to create the sort of irritating plinky-plonky sound you get from a village hall piano.

Apparently, The Sounds are one of the biggest bands in Sweden. I guess I missed the news about the entire nation going deaf, then.


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