Monday, November 13, 2006

TV On The Radio

Now this is news. Apparently we are floating out at sea, on a raft which used to be the door of a refrigerator. Or, at least, that is what TVOTR singer Tunde Adimbimpe tells us. If that is true, it is a raft being tossed in stormy seas, because from the spine tingling opening of 'Dirtywhirl' to the anthemic main set closer 'Wash The Day' we are thrown this way and that by the eclectic musical styles of these five New York artists.

Visually, TVOTR don't do much. Adimbimpe bestrides the stage like he owns it and it is just as well, as aside from Kyp Malone's huge afro and the wind chimes hanging from David Andrew Sitek's guitar there is not a lot to look at. Fortunately, the audience are content to lose themselves in the music, be it the raucous 'Let The Devil In', the haunting 'I Was A Lover' or the curious chanting of 'A Method'. That said, it is the out and out rock numbers which are easily the best tonight, with both 'Wrong Way' and recent single 'Wolf Like Me' crashing over the crowd like waves.

It is therefore a bit sad that the raft almost becomes becalmed during the encore, as the band close out with an exceptionally lacklustre 'Staring At The Sun'. A bit like sailing into port and finding that not even your family have come to meet you.


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