Monday, February 26, 2007

Bonde Do Role

Where, on a Saturday night, are you going to find Whitney Houston's "Wanna Dance With Somebody" nestling side by side with "Summer Nights" from Grease and some obscure AC/DC? Other, that is, in my little sister's record collection. If you know the answer, either you have already seen the latest in the line of daft Brazilians, or my dad wants a word with you.

Bonde Do Role are a three piece rap act, featuring one skinny guy who looks like a refugee from Linkin Park, one tiny girl who clearly failed the audition for CSS but loves Lovefoxxx none the less, and the chubbiest DJ this side of Chris Moyles. Fortunately, they make light of these handicaps to bounce, bump and grind their way into the hearts of the Astoria audience. No-one seems to care that none of their songs are more than two minutes long. No-one cares that MC Pedro spends more time posing than he does rapping, or that DJ Gorky ate all the pies, or that Marina can't see a mic stand without trying to hump it; if the strange set of samples has the crowd confused at the start, mixing contemporary latino rhythms with 80s pop and a whole lot of rock, by the end they are lapping up every last note. With a wisdom that belies their years, Bonde Do Role exit a full 15 minutes before their scheduled finish time and leave the Astoria braying for more.


Blogger superpat said...

Depending on which little sister, it may be me that wants a word with you :-)

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