Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crystal Castles

What an abberation. What a horrible, stinking, filthy abberation. Booking Crystal Castles to play to this audience was the worst decision since Hitler decided that Germany wasn't quite big enough for his ego. They try - oh how they try! - but no matter how much Alice Glass preens, writhes and waves the footlights about, nothing can conceal the fact that, live, Crystal Castles are, well, a bit shit. Yes, there are problems with the microphone that render the vocal inaudible, but at the same time the music of any half decent band should provoke a reaction stronger than the 'So what?' that this set gets.


Blogger Daniel said...

I disagree. I flew to that gig because my favorite bands are Crystal Castles and The Cure. I tried to buy a CC shirt after the show but they were sold out. I guess that means some people must've liked them??

10:45 pm  
Blogger The Skiver said...

That's what I love about music - it's a different experience for everyone.

Where I was in the audience, people were looking at each other with a 'What the...?' expression on their faces for the entire set.

11:31 pm  

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