Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Music

In the mid-afternoon sun, The Music get to play a gig which they probably couldn't have bought six months earlier. All of that changed with the success of single 'Safety in Numbers' and, after several troubled years, the band are back.

To be honest, this is a show which could've been performed by any number of other similar bands. There's nothing particularly distinguished about 'Take the Long Road and Walk It', 'The Truth Has No Words' or even 'Safety in Numbers' itself, but the Music have come here to entertain and they do just that, singer Robert Harvey stalking the stage like an angry but hyperactive toddler as guitarists Adam Nutter and Stuart Coleman grind out that relentless rhythm beside him. Now that they are back, the Music have every intention of staying.

Cheese says: Sorry, was busy eating during this one


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