Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Alkaline Trio

Someone, somewhere in the Festival Republic organisation, badly underestimated the appeal of Alkaline Trio. Despite the dubious attraction of Bullet For My Valentine playing next door, the Lock Up Tent still has a crowd at least ten deep trying to get in even as the band take the stage.

Despite being billed as Matt Skiba's band, the group is as much about bassist Dan Adriano as it is about the guitarist, as the two share lead vocals and take turns to banter with the crowd. The set draws heavily upon the acclaimed new album, 'Agony & Irony', but also features old favourites such as 'Mercy Me', 'Private Eye' and 'Crawl', with Skiba even praising the crowd for clapping along in time to 'Time to Waste'. All they need now is a bigger stage to display all of this on.

Cheese says: I've grown up with Alkaline Trio and they worked like a lullaby on me. Lovely.


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