Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Another year, but pretty much the same story? Well, to a certain extent, yes. There's not much different about their show or their sound - it is still all driving guitars, wailing keyboards and James Smith bouncing around like Tigger after the Ritalin has worn off. The difference is in attitude. Twelve months on and it is as if Hadouken! have won the battle for recognition and they know it. This means that there is more focus on the songs and less on trying to show how good they are. The whole show is smoother and more coherent, and Smith barely speaks to the crowd at all. Of course, having songs as good as 'Crank It Up' and 'Leap of Faith' (the latter almost unrecognisable from the radio friendly version), but you sense that this is a band who have decided that they are here to stay.

Cheese says: I love Hadouken! Forget glowsticks, squeaky giraffes are the things to shake at one of their shows


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