Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lightspeed Champion

This shouldn't work, either. Lightspeed Champion is Dev Hynes. Who was 1/3 of Test Icicles. Who were as hopeless as their name. And part of his backing band is Mike Siddell, who was in Hope of the States, who screwed up their final Reading show two years ago. So why is this such simple, summery fun?

The quality of the music is, of course, important. Whether it is old songs like 'Dry Lips' and 'Galaxy of the Lost', or new ones such as 'Marlene', the standard of Hynes' writing is high. More than that, though, the sheer force of his personality pulls the gig through. The crowd are willing the man in the furry hat to succeed and they react raucously to the Star Wars medley which ends the show.

Cheese says: A nice gentle way to start the day. I spent my time smiling and saying 'hello' to everyone around me


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