Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cage the Elephant

Can someone explain this to me, please. For no obvious reason, Cage the Elephant singer Matt Schultz is running manically around the stage, dressed only in a pair of boxer shorts and a large tutu. Across his chest is written the legend 'No Pants Party'. If it wasn't for them being from Kentucky, you would think that this was the most blatant attempt to get a knicker shower ever.

Schultz is, in fact, almost the ideal frontman. He's entertaining whilst never detracting from the songs. Not that the songs are impressive in their own right. The band wear their musical influences on their sleeve, with recent single 'Ain't No Rest For the Wicked' borrowing heavily from Beck and other songs stealing from the Chili Peppers and even Scissor Sisters, whilst 'In One Ear' is delightfully silly. In terms of pure entertainment, one of the best acts of the weekend.

Cheese says: I was scared to start with and hugged my cuddly elephant very tightly, but I liked them by the end


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