Monday, August 31, 2009


Anyone remember a band named Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Come on, you must recall them. Came from Reading. Had a strange habit of naming their songs after films, irrespective of whether the title then went with the song in any way whatsoever. You do? Oh good!

Good, because a few months ago guitarist Morgan Quaintance left the band to go full-time with his other project, Plugs. Surprisingly, it turns out that Plugs are to DIOY,Y? what Chateau Rothschild is to that plonk you get from Sainsbury's in a plastic bottle. 'Imaginary Friend' is a bouncing, shouting classic of a song, whilst set closer 'That Number' combines an extremely catch chorus with a tune so danceable your feet end up hating the band when it ends. Without a doubt, the find of the weekend.


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