Friday, August 14, 2009

TV On The Radio

This was weird. I mean, really weird. I've been attending live shows for 25 years now and I've never experienced anything like this.

First, there's the opening. The stage sat empty for over 20 minutes. When even your road crew can't find a reason to get onstage and faff about for a while, you're reaching a new level of self indulgent delay.

That self-indulgence continues as the band appear, launch into 'Halfway Home' and then play a further four tracks from the critically acclaimed 'Dear Science' album. There's a ripple of appreciation from the packed Brixton Academy, but no real enthusiasm. It is as if the masses thought they were attending the Proms instead.

And then all hell breaks loose. Without warning, TVOTR rip into 'Wolf Like Me' and it is as if this is all that 98% of the audience have come for.

But then it all goes flat again, as if a black and white film had momentarily flared into colour and then back again, the moment is lost as the band return to their more experimental material. Perhaps sensing the mood, the band bugger off after a perfunctory two song encore, leaving 30 minutes before curfew and with a huge aura of promise unfulfilled


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