Monday, August 31, 2009


It's Friday, it's 12 O'Clock, it's Reading so it must be time to start absolutely chuffing it down with rain. If the organisers of the Reading Festival could've planned it this way, they would've done, as those who had made it onto the site for the Festival's start are sent running pell mell into the nearest available tent.

All of which means that Glasgow's Dananananackroyd not only get to open the whole festival, but they get to do so in front of the largest crowd they have ever seen in their lives.

Their bouncing, choreographed routines give the impression of a lifetime devoted to too much tartrazine and too many re-runs of Wayne's World and it is a shame that they haven't really worked out how to use their two drummers to good effect, but the energetic stage show and thunderous music make them the idea band to get the Bank Holiday weekend started.


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