Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Duke Spirit

There are some bands it is always good to have around, and The Duke Spirit are one of them. There's no particular reason why their dark, blues-tinged sound should work on a bright sunny afternoon, but it not only does, it serves as an antidote to the pathetic tripe which preceded them. Not only does Liela Moss shimmer serenely in her gold dress, but the rest of the band sound tighter and more powerful than ever before.

The set draws heavily from new album 'Neptune', but loses nothing for it. A few old favourites, such as 'Love is an Unfamiliar Name' and 'Welcome to the Floor' are thrown in, but are robustly supported by newies such as 'Into the Fold', 'My Sunken Treasure' and new single 'The Step and the Walk'.

All in all, a great return from a band with much to offer.

Cheese says: Sorry, I was still asleep from the previous band. Whoopsie.


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