Monday, April 07, 2008

Cherry Suico

Everything about Cherry Suico is unobtrusive. She and her backing band, Crazy 88, take the stage without most people noticing. On the low stage, the diminutive singer can hardly be seen by most of the audience. And her music is so gentle, so placid, that at times you wonder if she is there at all.

That is not to say that the set is one-paced. Far from it. When the band decide to pick up the tempo, they make like a modern day Committments. The problem then is that Ms Suico's voice doesn't follow suit. You long for her to open her lungs and really go for it, but she doesn't - whether because she won't or she can't, only she can say. It seems strange to recommend that someone with a voice as good as this sees a vocal coach, but this is exactly what Cherry Suico needs. The world already has one Sade too many.


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