Monday, April 07, 2008

Andy J Gallagher

This is tricky. There's something very likeable about Andy J Gallagher, but yet something very ephemeral, too. He has songs which bounce along in that slightly punky, don't-really-care-if-you-like-this-or-not, way beloved of the likes of the Holloways and Bromhead's Jacket. The problem is that, try as they might, they just won't stick in your head. Which is a problem in a venue as small as The Fly, where there is very little room for a band do to more than stand and play, and even less room for the audience to do more than sway slightly on the spot.
Deprived of the chance to give the songs the power they deserve, Gallagher ends up falling between two stools. He's not giving us anything we've not seen or heard before, but he's no chance to prove what he could be doing differently.


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