Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Charlotte Hatherley

Hmm. Now then, what does this remind me of? Charlotte Hatherley, plus three male musicians and a very lazy analogy with her former band - you know, the ones that headlined the second stage the other night.

Actually, it isn't that lazy an analogy. You see, if the Ash boys were missing Charlotte's sense of melody, well, Charlotte's missing having another songwriter or two to bounce off of. That's the peril of deciding to go solo. Suddenly, it is just you, your ideas and you stand or fall by what you make of them. There's nothing particularly bad about her own material, but it is all a bit samey. In fact, it is something of a relief when she throws in a cover of XTC's "This Is Pop"*, just for the difference in sound.

(*thanks to Belle for spotting this for me)


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