Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pull Tiger Tail

Another band which I last reviewed only three months ago and another demonstration of how much things can change in that short time. In the case of Pull Tiger Tail, the significant difference between now and May is that they simply seem to have calmed down a bit. Back then, they were all over the place. Cues were missed (or, at best, barely reached) and everything seemed to be geared to the style of the performance rather than the content of it.

Today, things are different. Whether it is the earliness of the hour, the effects of a day off or whatever, this is a much better show. Songs which previously skittered off into chaotic nothingness are now tight and controlled. Recent single “Hurricanes” is simply beautiful, whilst “Mr 100%” and “Let’s Lightning” really do sound like classics in the making. Top marks to Marcus, Davo and Jack for working out where they were going wrong and putting it right. Now all they need to do is to sort out the execrable production that has marred their recent releases…


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