Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good Shoes

Arguably the most partisan crowd of the weekend is to be found in front of the Radio 1/NME stage. It is difficult to believe that Good Shoes can have coverted any new fans this afternoon, because everyone in there seems to be a devotee already.

It is easy to understand why. Good Shoes play pleasant, undemanding indie of a type which has also given careers to Mumm-Ra, The Dykeenies and even GoodBooks. Of course, they are the only band of their type from Morden, so they have a song called "Morden", just to make sure that you know who you are watching. But there is something undeniably appealing in such a no frills approach and set closer "All In My Head" is a sharp and punchy number far better than many things that will be heard on this stage over the course of the weekend.


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