Monday, August 27, 2007

Blood Red Shoes

Shockingly, it is only three months since I last reviewed Stephen and Laura-Mary. I say 'shockingly' because strewth, don't kids grow up fast nowadays? In place of May's slightly fey teenagers, whose set went all over the place in their enthusiasm for it, there's a duo as tight as any around at the moment. There's also a fan base large enough to crowd out Reading's Carling Tent and they sing along with every word, even new single "I Wish I Was Someone Better'.

It's lazy to make a White Stripes comparison, because the two bands are entirely different, but inevitably the whole boy/girl/guitar/drums invites it; suffice to say that, however excited you were the first time you heard Jack and Meg, that's at the very least how excited you should be by these two.


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