Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Cribs

It's difficult to write an objective review of The Cribs. It's like trying to write an objective view of, say, a green salad. You always get exactly what you expect - which in the case of The Cribs is boundless enthusiasm and energy allied to little discernable musical talent. So the three Jarman brothers thrash along quite merrily, with little or no consideration for boring musical conventions such as 'staying in time' or 'all being in the same key'. In fact, Gary's vocals frequently aren't in any key at all. But opener "Hey Scenesters!" roars out from the stage, new single "Men's Needs..." sounds like any other Cribs song and after that point it all becomes a bit samey. Then Ryan leaps into the crowd, returns minus his t-shirt and it's all over. Just like you expected.


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