Monday, June 11, 2007

Pull Tiger Tail

Pull Tiger Tail are in dangerous territory. Playing second on the bill tonight, there is a real risk that overambition and overpromotion might just scupper what could be a pretty decent career. The simple fact is that, live, the Stratford trio are simply not good enough musicians to justify so high a billing. When they get it right - on "Animator", "Mr 100%" and "Hurricanes" - then they are very good indeed. But it is no coincidence that those are three of their four singles, so - presumably - they have played them more often than anything else.

The rest of the set, on the other hand, is a shambles. Cues get missed, everyone gets out of time with everyone else and even recent single "Let's Lightning" ends up in a wimpering heap on the floor when it should be soaring to the rafters. Although each of the three members of the band manage to cock up at some point in the evening, you do wonder if bass player Davo dropped the Nicky Wire copycat act and concentrated on being in the right place at the right time, everything would stay an awful lot tighter, because there is not much point having great songs if you murder them every time you play them.


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