Tuesday, June 19, 2007


When the hell did Editors turn into such a good live band? Not content with sneaking off and making a second album before XFM has finished playing "Blood" and "Munich" from the first one to death, at some point they seem to have lost the awkwardness of their early live shows and become one of the 'must see' acts of this summer.

Initially, the presence of a piano centre stage sends a Coldkeane-inspired shiver down the spine. Fortunately, Tom Smith is no Poverty Chris and mostly contents himself with playing a bit of rhythm guitar - leaving all the tricky bits to the supremely talented Chris Urbanowicz. The set alternates between tracks from new album "An End Has A Start" and old favourites like "All Sparks" and "Bullets", whilst "Fingers In The Factories" is still an amazing way to end a set.

Being picky, you would have to say that Smith's habit of gurning like Michael Palin in "A Fish Called Wanda" is really offputting. And new songs like "The Racing Rats" and "Escape The Nest" sound disconcertingly like they belong in a West End musical, even if the latter does feature a guitar sound not heard since the heyday of Big Country. But it really is just me being picky, you have to see this band.


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