Monday, August 27, 2007

Enter Shikari

Eeek! There's an angry man bouncing on a trampoline and shouting at me! Then again, you'd be a bit cross if your parents had named you Roughton Reynold, so perhaps we should forgive him.

Fresh from success at the previous night's Kerrang! awards, a very drunk Enter Shikari bring their brutal clash of heavy metal and techno to Reading's second stage and they are shockingly good. Each aural assault seems louder, more chaotic and yet - curiously - more melodic than the first. "Return to Energizer" is tossed out early in the set and is followed soon after by "Johnny Sniper", by which time it seems impossible that Reynold could bounce any more. But, like Tigger, it seems impossible to unbounce him. Not only that, the bouncing is infectious and by the time the hilarious "OK, Time For Plan B" closes the evening, it's him, the rest of the band and most of the audience who are throwing themselves around like idiots. Who needs a Plan B when your Plan A is this good?


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