Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dinosaur Jr

Why are Dinosaur Jr playing in a tent at tea time? This is history coming alive. This should be out there, on the biggest stage possible, for everyone to see. Cobain is dead, Tad are no more, Pixies are on a lifetime reunion tour, only Dinosaur Jr, only J, Lou and Murph, are still out there making new music and putting on scintillating live shows like this one. How can you say that you will die happy if you have never heard them play "Freakscene" live, or even the greatest cover version ever, "Just Like Heaven"? How?

Admittedly, there's an element of age and experience to all this. Time has mellowed them, there's no onstage fighting anymore (Lou Barlow even makes a joke of it at one point) and they avoid the more difficult, atonal, feedback laden music of their early years. J's impressive grey mane at times makes him look like a guitar playing Fraggle, but that is the only sign of aging. History tells us that this reunion won't last long, so I ask again - how?


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