Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Young Pony Club

I am now going to do something very brave indeed. I am going to criticise a woman's clothing. Specifically, I'm going to criticise that of Tahita Bulmer, NYPC's tiny and engaging frontwoman. I have no problem with what she was wearing - long white t-shirt, white mini-skirt - but had she realised that she was going to be wearing it on a stage? I'll not go into all of the gory details; suffice to say that some teenage boys in the front rows got a view which made them very happy indeed.

All of which somewhat detracted from the music of NYPC, which can best be described as being CSS at a slightly slower pace. There's nothing particularly new or exciting about what they do, it is undemanding and perfect for a hot summer afternoon. "Ice Cream" closes the set today and is greeted with no small amount of rapture, but in fact "The Bomb" and "Get Lucky" are far better songs and slightly wasted by coming early on in the set.

One other interesting fact. Despite being the current darlings of the music press, NYPC pull in a smaller crowd than the much-maligned Hadouken! It's nice to know that not everyone believes what they read in the papers.


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