Monday, April 07, 2008

Seamus McLoughlin

Ask yourself this question: "Does the world need another James Blunt?"
Alternatively, ask yourself this other question: "Does the world need another David Gray?"
If the answer to either of these questions is 'yes', then Seamus McLoughlin has it made. The songs are pleasant and undemanding. Lyrically, he's far and away the most accomplished performer tonight, whilst the music the perfect synthesis of the former's acoustic strumming and the latter's slightly rockier pretensions. There's even a tinge of David Byrne in there, for those who prefer their music a little more leftfield.

The problem is that it all becomes a little predictable after a time. A song called 'Out of the Water' takes such a familiar course that I find myself predicting what is going to happen well in advance of the actual chord changes. Which is, to be honest, annoying.

That said, there's a place for people who just want to write tuneful, undemanding songs. I find Blunt tedious and pointless and Gray just intensely irritating. McLoughlin is neither of these and if his only aspiration is to be a radio friendly unit shifter then good luck to him.


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