Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Faith No More

Oh God, this is so wrong. The red curtains draping the stage give off an aura of 'Murph and the Magictones'. Mike Patton is wearing a matching suit and looks like Huey Morgan's dad. Everyone else is wearing a suit - Roddy Bottum has even adorned his with a carnation.

Then, once you have got over the shock of one of the great rock acts of the 90s suddenly morphing into the band from The Wedding Singer, you are forced to confront the horrible truth that none of FNM's songs have really aged that well, either. In fact, everything bar 'Epic' sounds, well, a bit rubbish. Which is probably why the band feel the need to pad out their headline set with cover versions such as The Commodores' 'Easy' and, bizarrely, the 'Eastenders' theme (twice!). All in all, hard to escape the feeling of a band whose time has passed.


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